Uzoma Anyanwu Honours his Mentors with Works in ‘Fabrication’

‘Fabrication’ is the devised title of Uzoma Samuel Anyanwu’s solo exhibition that opened on the 25th of August 2018 at Thought Pyramid Art Center. The show consists of vibrant expressive fabric collages that confirm Anyanwu’s expertise with this medium. And he seems to have paid a lot of attention to recognising artists who influenced his career. Born in Imo state, Anyanwu lost both parents when he was 10 years old and grew up with relatives in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He attended Government Craft Development Center College in Port Harcourt, where he developed an interest in art. He later studied fine art at the University of Port Harcourt.

The standouts in this exhibition, for me, are the three collages dedicated to the artists he says are major influences in his life: Donald Onuoha; Ike Francis, lecturer at University of Port Harcourt, and George Edozie—Anyanwu apprenticed with him after university. The dedicated works are done in the style of the mentors and titled accordingly.

Boss Lady (Homage to Donald Onuoha), 2018


Lady in Red, Sisi Eko Series (Homage to Ike Francis), 2018


Onye-Isi (Homage to George Edozie), 2017


‘Fabrication’ is at Thought Pyramid Art Center, Lagos through September 8 2018.

Adekemi is a lawyer and writer with a passion for the arts, particularly African art history. She is dedicated to discovering and documenting the most excellent artworks of our time. Follow her on Twitter at adekemitweets.
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