Photographic Illusions in 18 Tweets by Nigeria’s Hyperrealist Artists

A few days ago, a friend stumbled on the lifelike works of a Nigerian hyperrealist artist on Twitter and was blown away. She would not stop talking about him. She was quite impressed when I told her the said artist wasn’t a fluke; that Nigeria currently has a veritable Hyperrealism movement.

Hyperrealism, also called Superrealism, is an art style that is focused on portraying images in an ultra-realistic manner. Characterized by painstaking details, precision and superb skill, it blurs the line between reality and art. Hyperrealism is founded on the principles of Photorealism, a style focused on the reproduction of photographs as closely as possible, thus depriving the work of personality, but the hyperrealist takes the technique further by developing ways of incorporating narrative, charm, emotion or other elements into his painting. The illusion created is that of a high resolution enhanced photograph with details that has more clarity than in nature.

Follow these links for two insightful articles on Nigeria’s hyperrealist artists, Insanity: An Exhibition of Hyperrealist Art and Inside Nigeria’s hyperrealist art scene  or just enjoy these images of artworks that feel more real than reality.




















Featured image credit: Olumide Oresegun @

Adekemi is a lawyer and writer with a passion for the arts, particularly African art history. She is dedicated to discovering and documenting the most excellent artworks of our time. Follow her on Twitter at adekemitweets.
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