The Life and Times of the Flamboyant Twins Seven-Seven of the Oshogbo Experiment

At a farewell gathering for Michael Crowder in September 1963 at the Mbari Mbayo Club in Oshogbo, Nigeria, a young man crashed the party. …His somewhat garish costume … and innovative dance movements caught the eye of Ulli Beier, who was hosting the party. The young man introduced himself as Twins Seven-Seven.

(A Dreaming Life: An Autobiography of Chief Twins Seven-Seven, edited by Ulli Beier, 1999)

The above marked the introduction of the most flamboyant of the Oshogbo artists to the Oshogbo Experiment. A multi-talented artist, performer and musician who, later, produced several albums, Prince Twins Seven-Seven was one of the first to develop an individualistic painting style at the Oshogbo Workshop.













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