Artstrings is an invitation to explore the narratives in African art.

Works of art contain themes and stories that resonate with us if mined. Artstrings provides an interactive platform where we can contemplate and pontificate on the components of artworks that pull at our heartstrings.

My aim is to heighten our meaningful and emotional connection with art. And in addition to my own posts, I’ll welcome the opportunity to publish your views on the appeal of artworks you love.

Please join me if you are interested in exploring African artworks or simply want something thought-provoking to read.

About Me

I’m a writer and a sucker for good stories and anecdotes.

Back in high school, I can’t remember enjoying creative projects—papier mache molding, drawing—in art class. But I still remember the art stories and the emotions they stirred in me. I decided it was time to pursue this interest in art backstories recently, when I fell in love with a painting after I heard the gallery owner talking about its subject (I’d seen this work several times and didn’t think much of it).

This blog is an opportunity to have co-explorers on this voyage of art stories discovery. I hope our findings will be informative and engaging, and what’s more I hope we have fun.

Adekemi Kudehinbu

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